Brutal Art

Your brutal blows leave artwork on my skin,
Blue and black patches
Blood red scratches,long and thin
Abstract art where nothing matches;
You are an artist, but you are oblivious.
Your true intentions are obvious.
Intricate detail in every bruise and scar
Demanding a glance from afar
My body is battered and sore
But the beauty of the brutality distracts me
Is this insanity?
My body yearns for more
Your rough fingers feel like the touch of a brush
It exhilarates me,thrills me,
Causes my blood to rush
Like the waves from the sea.
Your fists shape me like a potter moulding clay,
My flesh is moulded into bruises and scars;
Please continue,I beg and pray,
Make the scars as countless as the stars.
This body is a canvas for your artistic savagery;
My mind is painting the imagery,
My blood is all the paint you will need.
Use it as I swell and bleed
The wounds may heal and the scars may fade
But my soul will remain like a broken mirror
Repetition has diluted the horror
Turned it from a harpy to a fair maid….

By:Marlan J.Leon

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