Chocolate’s Back! (And Better)

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Linda ‘Chocolate’ Berthier

After four consecutive listens of “Glued to You”, (Puppet on a String), one of her most recent singles, I can tell you this: Linda ‘Chocolate’ Berthier is back and better than ever; she is ready for the international stage.

One of the most defining moments in any singer’s career, arguably, is their comeback, and the aforementioned single, a rhythm and blues, hip-hop fusion, (featuring the late Lavard Manifest Parks),is definitely her revival.

In an interview at YO! on Tuesday, Linda mentioned that her next single would be released on Friday. But this is just the beginning. Every month, the artiste will release a new single for her devoted ‘Choco Lovers’.

This was not her initial plan however. According to the artiste, at first, she wanted to release an album. She later realized it was better to do the latter.

“I believe every song has its own purpose, its own space; that it deserves to be recognized on its own. I realized it’s a plus for me as well because people are also going to be current with me and excited to hear something new,” she said enthusiastically.

Francis “Leebo” De Lima, Ronald “Boo” Hinkson, Semi Frances, local pioneers in the music industry, allpraised her new material, encouraging her to go forward with it.

For Linda, 2016 is primarily about diversity and fans can look out for that in her upcoming music: “dancehall, reggae, R&B, hip-hop and more,” she teased.

“There’s something for everyone: the worshipper, the dancer, the mom who is home doing her housework, the driver who loves to pump it up—everyone,” she added.

Often perceived as a gospel artiste, the artiste stated that she is actually a mainstream artiste. “I love gospel music, it keeps me centred. I owe my everything to the higher power but I don’t necessarily prefer being called a gospel artiste,” she said.

Not only is she releasing new music in 2016, the Whitney-esque singer, (Houston),is also releasing vlogs to keep her fans informed and looks forward to making it a special year for them.

Word on the street is that she’ll be releasing her next song on February 8, just in time for Lover’s Day, more famously known as Valentine’s Day.

Mother of two, wife, nurse, radio announcer, emcee, singer, songwriter and soon to be graduate, (she recently completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health at Monroe College), Linda ‘Chocolate’ Berthier does it all and most importantly, she’s good at it.

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