Do you still love me?
Do you still carry me in your heart?
You still show me care; but,
It feels like something’s fallen apart.
Underneath the surface something’s different,
Please tell me that I am wrong,
Don’t tell me what my heart is saying,
Don’t tell me what we had is gone.
I find myself second guessing every day,
Is there somebody else I don’t know about?
I try my best to keep my thoughts at bay,
But some recent behaviour is freaking me out.
Do you still want to be with me?
Then tell me why do you stay?
My heart was in pieces before I was with you,
I’m starting to believe you’ve gone away.
I am trying my hardest to try and keep the tears at bay,
As much as I love you; I won’t force you to stay,
What is a relationship with no mutual love between us?
I silently wished I would have never seen the day.
As I lay under the covers; I’m cold to the bone,
Sleeping peacefully but my heart is crying out a storm,
Even though it turns out to be true I know I will always love you,
But I won’t stay with someone who doesn’t love me back; so go.

By: Zhane’ Springer

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