Growth — nurturing one’s talent

Rae Anthony

Dear Diary,

I stumbled on one of my old articles some time ago and let me just say I’m so grateful that I’m not in that place anymore, which leads to this weekend’s topic for discussion, growth—nurturing one’s talent.

Had I not been writing regularly, (I’m obliged to, haha, which is good by the way), I would not have been where I am today. Although sometimes I grudgingly fulfil my obligations, I am grateful to have the opportunity to do so.

To reach your full potential, or to be all that you can be, you must do the following:  research; read— how can I improve? Watch videos; performances and interviews—what made famous individuals stand out? What can you do to make your styleunique?

Sometimes we rely heavily on our talent and believe that our talent, solely, will get us through, but truth is, determination too plays a pivotal role.

You should know that by now.

Often individuals complain about the lack of opportunities locally but sometimes, opportunities are small; we have to start with the small ones, even those that are miniscule. It may not appear to be much of one, but you never know.

Also, with the advent of the internet, (thank heavens I was born in that period), you are able to post videos or pictures of your work online and get feedback from others and opportunities likewise.

Just recently, critically acclaimed star Taylor Swift shared an image of her humble beginnings. In her caption, the starlet recalled how she performed in front of very small audiences and perhaps an even smaller stage; she is one of the most successful musicians now.

There are others who started out with so little; they were dirt poor; not only singers, but actors and actresses and even more impressive, great inventors, amongst others.

(Like I often remind you,) with determination you can conquer anything. Don’t allow naysayers to get in the way of your dreams.

Have a wonderful weekend all!


We’re visiting a number of schools on island; we admire their inventions (yes), and later, feature them. So if you think your school deserves the spotlight, feel free to write or call. We’ll be happy to come over! (No matter how big or small).

Bye guys!

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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