The Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School, (L.H.C.S.S), knows just how to impress an audience—just ask anyone who attended ‘Hessplosion’ 2015. An annual event put on by the school, the show continues to be a hit.


‘Hessplosion’ took place at the National Cultural Centre on Thursday December 10; excitement heightened at every moment. The show opened with a dance number by teachers to the delight of the packed audience. There were cheers of approval and of course, teachers’ basked in the moment.


The students had their moment shortly after. There was song, dance and drama and hearty humour, indeed ‘therapy for the soul’, that night. Audience members were appreciative of the entertainment, and wore smiles all night long.


It was great effort by students and teachers, who later returned to the stage in the modelling segment, where they received whistles and ‘yeses’ from the crowd.


The night was long, but there were no dull moments that night and you betcha, we’re looking forward to next year’s event.


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