Human beings are described as cruel, unfeeling


Dear Diary,

A video surfaced online recently, showing a young woman, presumably a teen, being viciously attacked by others; she received several blows and kicks and was even dragged! My blood went cold. Often, human beings, (some), are described as cruel; unfeeling. This video reiterates just how ugly human beings can be.

I don’t know what went down. Some may agree that the victim got what she deserved, however, I believe this is no way to deal with a situation. This is ugly in the ugliest of forms. What is even more vexing is that the individual who thought it so clever to record the video, laughed at the victim, showing no remorse whatsoever. (Note that this was not an individual who recorded in hopes of helping the victim). In the background, one could hear an individual (seemingly the one with phone in hand), urging the attackers to go on with their act. No one intervened. Everyone just looked on, whilst she was being tormented.

In that moment, I placed myself in the shoes of a parent, a sibling—what they would have done if something so horrific happened to their loved one. The victim may have done something terribly wrong (or not), but this is not the way to respond to a situation.

A number of young people have a growing obsession with feuds, (online and physical), as they are seeking praise and respect. These things have a way of coming back and biting us hard and jeopardizing our future—all because we wanted to impress others.

Guess what? When you feel the consequences of your actions these individuals you trusted to have your back at all times, will point fingers and laugh unashamedly at you. They will be the ones posting statuses, sharing memes, retweeting and liking posts about what you did. And even if they don’t, guess what? They won’t face the music: you’re doing that all on your own.

It’s so appealing to be a part of the ‘cool crowd’, or gain fame, however, don’tlose yourself and your mind in the process; don’t go down the wrong path. I promise you, when you look back, regrettably, you’ll be more than sorry and wish you could turn things around.

I do hope that something positive comes out of this.

Have a fab weekend loves!

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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