I’m afraid my friends will laugh at me

Dear Helpline,

I have a problem and I really want to talk to someone about it but I’m afraid my friends will laugh at me. What should I do?

Dear Anonymous,

If you think that you will be mocked by your friends, you should not disclose that information with them. Go to someone who will not deem you “weird” or laugh at your situation. Ensure that you don’t share your information with the wrong people. Sometimes when individuals desperately want help, they go to the wrong people—individuals who share that information with others and who sometimes spread nasty rumours. Keep in mind, that as long as you speak to the right individual, everything will most likely work out and you will feel better. The best thing you should do in a situation like this is speak to a trusted individual about your problem– perhaps your school counsellor, close church member or family member. You can even join a support group— speak to your school counsellor. A number of church and school organizations have individuals to help people who feel the way you do. Initially, it may feel awkward, especially if you don’t know the individual. However, that awkward feeling usually goes away eventually.

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