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By now, a lot of people have heard the name “MonCherie”, and for those who haven’t, that, indubitably, will change. Hailing from Saint Lucia, MonCherie brings a refreshing, island sound. Currently she’s taking over the airwaves with “Bay Bay”, anup-tempo single, where dancehall’s finest, Vybz Kartel (Adidja Palmer), takes the lead; she sings the memorable chorus. The single, arguably, is her most successful work to date. Below, Mon Cherie chats with us about her hit single, her ugly online feud regarding this year’s Jazz and Arts Festival, and more.

YO! Let our readers get to know you a little! Tell us a bit about yourself.

M.C: My name is MonCherie which means sweetheart and by now I’m sure you’ve seen how sweet I am! I was born in Castries (Patterson’s Gap Leslie Land). My grandparents come from Caffiere Choiseul. So that’s where mi bad from if anyone wanted to know. All we know how to do is work hard and do our best in life. I attended Camille Henry Memorial School and SDA Academy. I was mainly raised by my granny because just like many other Caribbean parents, my mom had to travel to work to make money to take care of me the way she wanted to; I graduated with honours in Mass Communications in Bloomfield New Jersey.

YO!2016 is off to a wonderful start for you! (Congratulations by the way). You are featured on one of the biggest tracks at the moment, Vybz Kartel’s “Bay Bay”. You work hard, that is evident. I’m sure our readers are curious (especially aspiring singers)—how did you land this feature?

M.C: I landed this feature because I am a hard working young lady and I’m extremely talented. Also because my team pushes me to be the best; my manager Carlos is always pushing me to be the best. In order to work with the best, you have to be prepared to be the best yourself. God is the one who landed this for me. Gaza forever, love you Teacha.

YO!You teamed up with Safaree “Scaff Breezy” Samuels, to produce “What I Want”, a surefire hit. We’ve seen the video; the energy you bring is refreshing. What was it like working with an individual who previously worked with hip-hop heavy weight Nicki Minaj?

M.C: Working with Safaree was so much fun! He’s so funny and humble. It was a great experience that I’m happy I was able to be a part of. Make sure you guys check out the song.

YO! We have to address the elephant in the room. Recently you took to social media to express your disappointment in the lineup for the 2016 Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.You shared that you think it is rather unfair that the same local artistes are being featured over, and over again. This stirred up a storm (understatement perhaps!) on social media, especially the famous (sometimes infamous), “Lucian Twitter”. Many thought you came off as impertinent; your approach was wrong. What would you like to say about that?

M.C: I only speak on things that affect me as an artiste. They don’t like it, Fine! It’s not for them to like. All those who are a part of the Creative Arts department in the country know I’m not crazy. I got about 150 positive messages from that post and I was only really arguing with three cyber bullies on Twitter. I will defend myself, no apology.

YO! On your fan page, you shared that you have another collaboration with Vybz Kartel on the way. When can we look out for that? Any other teasers?

M.C: My song with the Gaza General will be out in about 2 weeks. And just be on the lookout with nothing but greatness from me because it’s the only way.

YO! Where are you based currently?

M.C: I’m based in NYC/NJ/SLU

YO!How would you describe your sound?

M.C: A true Caribbean sound.

YO! With soca being so popular in your homeland, was there ever a time you felt like making a transition into that genre?

M.C: Old time soca has gone… I do new school music. ‘Billy billy boom boom’, is considered soca music in the 21st century. So I do soca music as well, I don’t discriminate.

YO! Anything else you’d like to add?

M.C: I just want to say thank you to the YO! Magazine, big up to all my fans you soon see me. Hold the faith; make sure you get your education and let’s make history together.  Also big up Zionomi, anywhere he is around the world, hold the faith and don’t give up. Everything about you is authentic. Okay that’s it. I love all my people. Kisses and hugs. Soon touch Lucia and mash up any stage anytime.

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