Paths Cross

It’s frustrating to not know,

What you’re about or what you want,

But it doesn’t mean you’re not searching,

And it doesn’t mean you’re giving up.

I hate feeling like I have no place,

Wherein which I feel fully content,

That with all its ups and downs I’m still here,

Comfortable with what I have kept.

I hate it when it comes across as being indecisive,

When it shows like I’m not sure what I’m about,

Like I have no vision for my future,

Like I’m just wasting life wondering about.

It’s nothing like that I am not standing still,

I’m searching for something I can call my own,

I’m finally deciding to follow my heart and soul for once,

Searching for something that I have always known.

I know what I’m about even though you don’t believe me,

I’m not looking for riches or fame though it is welcome,

I’m just looking for happiness and peace within myself,

I won’t forget who I am or where I came from.

Just because I’m not career driven doesn’t mean I will lose,

And doesn’t determine I will or won’t have one,

I will find what was always meant for me to have,

I will grab and hold on to all possibilities until there is none.

I know you find me stupid but I choose not to care,

Just because you can’t see or understand the path I walk,

It’s a path only designed especially for me,

And at the end of that journey I will find what I’m looking for.

By: Zhane’ Springer

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