Probably Fate

“Accident”, one may call it
That we met, that we saw, that we love.
But is it an accident that we’re thriving?
That your chromosomes complete mine?
That our auras embrace each other?
Was it pure coincidence that we both
Looked at the moon on the same night
Asking for exactly what we found in each other?
Loyalty, Patience, Reason, Passion
Growth, Joy, Sacrifices, Peace & Love.
What could seem like an accident to us,
May be well planned, just not fully explained to us.
So our series of experiences may not be typical,
But that doesn’t make it an accident.
And so I will love you ‘til it makes sense to my brain;
And everyone around that this isn’t
By chance but was deliberate all along.
Most of all I thank the stars that
Conga-lined in our favour and may they continue to do so.

By K.T.J

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