T.J’s Flying High


“The beauty of life is the gift of change, the ability to move forward and the blessing of being able to get up and start all over again. Challenges and obstacles are inevitable and are not meant to overcome you but to empower you. TJ reminds us that life’s victories come daily as we boldly overcome negativity and pessimism and as we all aspire to live life to our greatest potential. TJ invites you to move past any and all of your problems into a victorious and amazing future but don’t go alone, share the journey and path of blossoming into something greater with someone. Go on and live life – Allez!”

Back when this invitation was posted on his LovePassionMusicTJyoutube channel, St. Lucians were preparing for one of the most anticipated events on their carnival calendar, U4RIA – a show hosted by T. J. himself. For years we have seen the history making artiste evolve from a singer to an entertainer and performer. Each show, performance and recording out shone the other, almost like Teddyson was ensuring that he surpassed every level he had set previously.

Could it be that he was preparing for this day, this event, that stage? You better believe it. Teddyson started work immediately after St. Lucian Carnival, embarking on international promotional tours in the United Stated with stops in New York and Miami. Carnival lovers and Soca enthusiasts immediately feel in love with “Allez”, and who wouldn’t, after all the thought of letting go and being stress free especially during carnival would bode well with anyone (even though you’re not into the jump up or chipping). “Allez” had become the anthem for Miami carnival and the buzz and excitement was about to make its way to the capital of carnival.

According to international Rupee’s official D.J., A & R executive for Black Shadow Music Group, Hype Man and events M.C., Barrie Hype, it is not easy to make the bench mark at the International Soca stage but with the right record (song) and the artiste’s ability to deliver on the production, the process then becomes a lot more achievable. Teddyson proved to have all of these qualities and his praises were also sung by reporters in Trinidad’s national newspapers.

A crown that has only once crossed the waters to another country, Teddyson is confident that he can mirror the feat Biggie Irie was able to accomplish many summers ago but instead of Barbados, bring the crown back to St. Lucia.  “St. Lucia is looking really good in Trinidad right now, our song Allez has become an anthem for Trinidad carnival”, the beaming artiste said. “Who knows this year might be the year of the unusual and I have a good feeling we can win it all or at least place!”

Yes, our flag is flying high once again on the International Soca stage as Teddyson John’s quest to become the island’s first International Groovy Soca Monarch was been solidified when he earned his spot on the list of finalists, but the ever humble individual who was gracious enough to allow us to interrupt his studio session for this interview was full of praise for his team who he says are equally responsible for the ride he and St. Lucia is currently enjoying.

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