Television, music and artistes’ influence on teens

There was once a time I would argue vehemently that an age old concern about television, music and artistes influence the actions of teens. No matter how much evidence that was put before me I would always have an answer and I would usually succeed in frustrating my colleagues, teachers and friends to the point that they would eventually leave me alone in my tunnel vision world. But this weekend, let’s really take a look and see if I was just being stubborn or if I really had a case.

The last topic I remember getting into a heated debate about was when Alkaline decided to “tattoo” his eye balls in an attempt to get notoriety from the dancehall population and by extension the world. Such an act was new to me and I quickly did some research on the practice and found out that a number of people had done it before. No sooner had the world asked what was this mad man doing were we confronted with another story out of Jamaica about a young boy turned dancehall artiste, Mace, also following in the footsteps of Alkaline and tattooed his eyeballs too. For his troubles however, he almost lost his eyesight.

“There you go”,  one of my friends said, “Do you still believe television can’t influence teenagers?” it was really hard to argue with that, after all the simple minded Mace did say he was influenced by the “On Fleek” deejay. I offered the notion that maybe since the two were both Jamaican, television didn’t play a significant role. Notion rejected! My days of successfully arguing would soon come to an end as one of our own artistes decided to tattoo his eyeball.  His reasoning however wasn’t as eccentric as Alkaline’s or Mace’s but the action merited some discourse and speculation around social media.

Many things influence our everyday lives and in this day and age, the internet is the biggest culprit. We have seen both positive and negative corollary as a result of following trends that are followed online.  The emergence of the Internet has changed the interaction between all individuals and media and as a result has led me to accept that yes, persons sometimes with insecurities and low self-esteem are easily influenced by what they perceive to be the way one must carry themselves in order to be accepted.

There are many steps and strategies one can utilize in order to deal with low self-esteem and insecurities. The number one step reported was that persons should just be themselves.  The website says “as hard as it is and vulnerable as you will feel, let go of your pretenses. Just be your authentic self. At first, the fear is crippling, but if you manage to get past the initial fear and take the plunge, it is so liberating. And that freedom to be who you are without excuses or pretenses paves the way for a much healthier self-esteem.”

Big words here and some I am sure can shine a little light your way and help with the decisions that you may make that can affect your entire life.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless!


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