The Lady Who Was an Exception

Like butterflies in a collector’s book,
We are pinned by truth’s infliction
But she escapes by her depiction of life as fiction,
She lives in a world of her own,
In which she sits on a throne,
She has defied the boundaries of reality
Somewhat preserving her individuality
Everything is subject to her whims and fancies,
To her,it is all reality,not mere fantasies,
Truth cuts us like a knife
But she has cut it out of her life,
Our faces are written with lines of truth
But hers remains smooth
She remains like Dorian Gray
Her youth remains unchanged with each passing day
Everyone is baffled by her eccentricity,
But she looks at them all with profound pity
They all label her ways as defiance
Her indifference is evident by her radiance,
She completely ignores their cold reception
For this lady is an exception
She is as free as a bird soaring the blue sky,
They can’t convert her,no matter how much they may try
Truth is our conviction
But fiction is never her affliction

By: Marlan .J.Leon

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