The wonderful community of the World Wide Web

The wonderful community of the World Wide Web! It can be such a beautiful, educational, but demonic and unforgiven occurrence in one’s life that before you can click that oh so handy delete option, your entire life has been screen shot and is now the centre of a juicy barber shop, salon or lunch table topic. Persons lately have fallen victim to the mass “dragging” by social media loyalists mainly by choice and that is when that person decides to attack an unsuspecting individual- I do believe they refer to it as “coming for that person”.

Throughout 2015 the twitizens (citizens of twitter), were thoroughly entertained as many persons were made to humble themselves after being scolded with a barrage of words in a language that will make our proof readers cringe, so I dare not use them as I have already met my quota with the word twitizens.

For this weekend’s Slouch I’d like for us to take some time to figure out why people are so attached to social media. Too many young people’s lives depend on the number of likes they receive or the amount of times a tweet is retweeted. Now this isn’t just me venting, in research done a few years ago, it was said that teens likely feel the need to be constantly connected to their social media accounts through their devices and become emotionally invested, because, social media can be addictive. Such a study was conducted in 2012, so I shudder to think what will be said now.

It is my belief that social media was meant to connect people across the world over to one another but whoever came up with that bright idea didn’t back on people not knowing when to disconnect and who can blame them? With constant streams of tweets, status updates and comments to sift through and respond to, social media can create a never-ending and sometimes negative feedback loop like we normally see and persons may find it a little bit more difficult to disconnect.

Young people especially can feel a sense of pressure to stay active online as they desire to experience the need to be responsive on social media 24/7, feeling compelled to answer texts or direct messages almost immediately.

According to researchers at the University of Glasgow social media use, particularly at night, along with emotional investment in social networking interactions led to poorer sleep quality, lower self-esteem and higher levels of anxiety. They concluded that teens with lower self-esteem have a higher tendency to be depressed as adults, previous studies have found.

We have said it before and we will reiterate, one must not allow something that is fictitious to command and have such a strong hold on their everyday living. For some it is like decisions can’t be made without online consultation. The net and social media are a big part of how teenagers communicate but spending too much time managing virtual identities can have a profound, and negative, impact on your actual lives, use it wisely.

Take care ya’ll and God bless.

Have a great weekend.


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