The Worrier

We worry about today or tomorrow

Will it be okay, filled with joy or sorrow?

Will I be rich or still be poor?

Will I have a home or sleep on the floor?

Will I be hated or still be loved?

Will I receive blessings from up above?

Will I be divorced or still be married?

Will I perish for the sins I carried?

Will I see tomorrow or will the world end?

Will I continue to sin like it’s a trend?

Will my Savior protect me always

Asproclaimed by His sacrifice?

Will He protect me through the days?

Transgressions and iniquity carry a heavy price.

My debts were paid in full, so why should I worry?

I will forever give praise to His might, power and glory

I don’t need to worry about today or the day after.

My Lord’s true intentions were, for me to be, a warrior.

By: Nikalus Flavius

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