I feel like the ugliest girl in my group of friends

Dear Helpline,

I feel like the ugliest girl in my group of friends because I have a bad breakout and weird looking teeth. I wish this phase would end already! How can I get rid of this bad phase?

Dear Anonymous,

Hun I can tell you this; if you haven’t gone through this awkward stage, then perhaps, you aren’t “normal” after all. Even some of the individuals who seem most attractive physically have gone through this stage; as unbelievable as this may seem, this is true. One thing I’m certain about, (though it’s no consolation now, I know!) you will laugh at these moments when you have grown out of this stage.You will appreciate those “hideous pictures”, and you will come to realize that they were not so “hideous” after all.

What you can donow is try various acne treatment products. I’m sure you’ve tried a thing or two. I encourage you to stick to brands that are known to work well. Some are costly I’m aware, so perhaps you need to make a few sacrifices so you can work towards buying a good product.

I am also aware that some products just “don’t” seem to work. Read web articles for helpful advice; you may want to consider visiting a dermatologist as well. As for your “weird looking” teeth, trust me, you’ll grow out of those.

Dental care is expensive, I know, but good news, braces are a lot cheaper now. Build your own savings bank and work towards that goal; you will feel even better because you worked hard to earn the end results. Till then, surround yourself with the most beautiful people—those who have a heart of gold and are always positive. Individuals like these will show you just how beautiful you are; you will share the best moments with them: moments filled with love and laughter. Because really, it can’t get better than this.

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