I saw my life flash before my eyes,
Like a movie of past and recent events,
In a brief moment between panic and shock,
I honestly thought my time was near.
As I snapped out of my negative thoughts,
I decided I am not gonna die here,
This is not my time to leave this world,
I will not let my life, dreams and goals disappear.
From that night I made it my duty,
To live life like there’s no tomorrow,
To not be afraid to be who you truly are,
To express and accept myself with open arms.
Looking at the world with new eyes,
Seeing things the way that I couldn’t before,
Understanding how precious life is fleeting,
How we must treasure it before it’s gone.
Being thankful for life’s small miracles,
For family, friends and precious loved ones,
For moments that truly take your breath away,
Filled with fun, laughter and happy days.
I couldn’t let it all slip away. Not so soon.
I still have a lot of love to give. And things to do.
Become a miracle as bright as the moon.
Touch millions of hearts honest and true.

By: Zhane’ Springer

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