Carenage Craze

We attended a number of fantastic Independence celebrations, but we have to say, Carenage Craze,possibly, was our favourite; the event was sublime. Steel pan, arts and crafts, street races, delectable foods, creative wear and nonstop entertainment transformed the Castries Waterfront into an ‘Independence City’.

Highlights of Carenage Craze which took place over the weekend included the riveting bike show, hosted by a skilled emcee who built an atmosphere of suspense, making the event more enjoyable.

Another unforgettable moment was Teddyson John’s performance; the artiste sang his heart away to a pleased audience. He later expressed his gratitude to Saint Lucians for their unwavering support during his time in Trinidad, where he competed at the International Soca Monarch.

The performer who was immensely grateful, proceeded to hug members of the audience after he decided that “Allez”, part 2, would be filmed at the event.

The night culminated with fireworks and shouts of joy as “Allez” blared through the speakers.

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