Change of Heart

Love me and take me for who I am,
Embrace me like you use to before,
Kiss me like you actually mean it,
Stop this aching heart that continues to fall.
I can’t stop loving you though I try,
And the pain never ceases to go away,
The tears are becoming unbearable to hide,
How do I end up convincing you to stay?
Once lovers’ now two distant strangers,
Why do we continue on this way?
Have the love died or gone somewhere else?
Yet for me it remains the same.
I still love you as I always have,
And that’s what hurt the most,
To see that I still care more than myself,
But you have long past moved on.
As I lay next to you; I wonder,
How is it that you see me now?
Do you still see the girl you fell in love with?
Or have you grown tired of who I’ve become now?
I am not ashamed of who I am,
And I know that I have done nothing wrong,
As much as I love you I refuse to remain,
In a relationship where the love is long gone.

By: Zhane︠ Springer

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