Like so many things about us,
From the start, our energies they click.
It’s just amazing how we understand each other.
I think that’s one of the main reasons we click.
With cold hands and feet,
I just love your body heat.
Yes. I guess that’s why we click.
We dance to the same beat and our hearts have the same beat.
That’s how I know we click.
When our eyes meet, priceless you call it,
But I just think we click.
You said I fit perfectly in your arms
And yes, I feel perfect in your arms.
You know why?
It’s ‘cause we click.
We miss each other,
To a point that we miss each other,
Even when we’re together.
The only thing that can describe this is we click.
Is it just me,or do we fit comfortably?
How could we have gotten so familiar with each other?
It’s simple we click.
I know how to make you tick
And you can definitely make me tick.
Don’t you think?
We just seem to click.
You call me Princess and now I know why.
You’re my Prince and somehow, we click.
Even before we acknowledged it,
Everyone knew it, we click.
The way we flip when we think someone else
Will take each other’s place,
It’s plain to see we click.
We have gotten emotional to a point
I didn’t think was practical.
When you’re around me I’m so happy.
Definitely, I’d say, we click.

By: Princess

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