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Breakout single: “Party All Night”

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Young D.P

Young D.P was born in the beautiful island of St Lucia. “I come from a family of four consisting of my mom, Mary Popo, dad, DavidPopo,and brother, Ayinde Popo. I started singing from the time I was born.” From an early age his mom instilled in him and his brother the importance of expressing themselves.

At every family gathering he was always the one to entertain the crowd through his dancing or singing. Growing up, he was highly musically influenced by peers he met at Bonne Terre prep school. “Daily,genres of music played on the radio from R&B, Soca, Reggae and Dancehallwhich all filled my soul.” However, it wasn’t until when he got the chance to perform a Pop song at secondary school in SDA Academy that he realized Pop music really fulfilled my passion for music.

“My parents have always taught us to live with morals and to pursue our dreams.They have supported me musically throughout my life. Because of this positive support, I was encouraged to play for a band called PantimeSteel Orchestra where I played with peers like Tortee and Yannic St. Juste.”

In 2013 he was afforded the opportunity to attend Metalworks Institute School of music in Canada where met and interacted with different people who sharedhis passion for music. He recalls one such meeting with “awonderful lady” and songwriter Taya Marquis andproducer Ari Baldur from Iceland who is his music producer today. “I played Ari one of my songs called “Them Girls” produced by YohannDeterville from St. Lucia, he loved it and indicated that we would work together in the future.”

In 2014 he experienced the unfortunate passing of his auntin St. Thomas.“I kept thinking of how much she loved dancing and partyingand so I decided to write a song about her.” That song is currently responsible for the airwaves in St. Lucia coming alive with Young D.P. at the helm. The single entitled “Party All Night” was recorded at the legendary studios of Boo Hinkson and produced and mastered by Ari. Since its release, Young D.P has thrilled crowds at the New Year’s Eve party Memoire, BayFestand has also commandeered the hotel circuit with a few guest appearances.

He credits the work of his team for the success he has been enjoying thus far and extended his gratitude to Michael Robinson, Michel Aubertin, Miguel Aubertin, director of myYouTube music video “Young Dp: Party All Night”, Clinton Didier, Lester, Owen Phillip, Joakim Thomas, and Miss Patrick.

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