I have witnessed bad parenting on many occasions


Dear Diary,

I have witnessed bad parenting on many occasions —the kind that makes you want to intervene and shield the child or children from such brutality.

It is sad, terribly so, but what’s worse is when you realize that you can’t help everyone, even if you desperately want to— it’s life at its cruelest.

Earlier this week, I was having a conversation with an individual about various communities and their stereotypes. Naturally, high school dropouts, a hot topic, made its way into the conversation. Whilst talking about one case, we realized that we both knew the individual; it’s an ugly situation where the parents, are shockingly unconcerned and definitely, are to be blamed.

“Some parents should be jailed,” ‘Person A’ said disbelievingly. I simply nodded as I realized that this was most likely a ‘lost case’. But I still hoped that somehow, the situation turns around.

Before the ‘simplest jobs’ required no qualifications whatsoever—one simply took the job, once accepted, and did it dutifully. Now, a lot has changed and more and more businesses are requesting that potential employees have passing grades.

When you drop out of school, you are basically tossing your life in the trash. Eventually, you realize it’s the worst decision you have made. After that fleeting joy, (escaping the ‘terrors’ of high school), you begin to realize that the actual terror is in what you did.

You now have to settle for the lowest paying jobs. You will discover that jobs you thought required absolutely no qualifications require passing grades in Mathematics and English, at least. You will be filled with despair when you realize that the job you settled for is barely enough and it is more than a struggle to make ends meet. Yes, you will discover these things.

Later on in life, you may decide to rewrite the CSEC examinations. All good and well, except that it is a mammoth undertaking as you now have more responsibilities: a job, possibly a child, financial difficulty amongst other things.

See how it plays out?

School can seem like a never ending (unenjoyable) ride at times, I know. But trust me, it’s not as hard as we make it seem; once committed we can get through it. If you don’t aspire to be the class genius, (not everyone can be as we are not cut out of the same cloth), aspire to get passing grades. But do note that if you want a great deal out of life, you’ll have to work harder than you want to.

But you’ll get there, we always do.

Be smart. Give thought to the future. If you’re having difficulty at school or at home, talk to a teacher or a friend, you will discover that most times, they’re more than willing to help and go out of their way to do so.

Some teachers are stern, yes, but always remember they’re human, and they too encounter difficult situations. You can always opt to go to the one who’s always smiling as well; ensure that you go to one who appears to be trustworthy.

With that said, have a fantastic weekend.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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