I know many persons might be eagerly awaiting the Slouch to address Alkaline

I know many persons might be eagerly awaiting the Slouch to address the Alkaline bottle throwing incident but I don’t think it should be given any more attention, especially after Lucian Facebook already dealt with the matter the best way they know how.

This weekend Slouch is going to focus on something we observed at our 37th Independence celebrations that climaxed at the Mindoo Phillip Park. For years I have heard people say that individuals are not raised to be bad, it is a path that they choose to follow which could have been as a result of peer pressure, or what they had been exposed to in the house-hold.

I am keener to believe the latter and after witnessing school children no older than ten years old out after 9:00 p.m. carrying on in such a raunchy demeanour, I am even more inclined to follow my gut on this topic. These little kids were busy “brrrbaping” and forcing… you know, what I will let your imagination finish that sentence in the front of the stage while the heavens attempted to wash them clean.

I’m not going to lay the blame on the security, the organizers of that wonderful Independence activity or law enforcement…why? Because it is not their job to police or be parents to these kids. It’s the job of the parents!

As I stood in awe, I wondered, what ever happened to giving children a curfew? What ever happened to giving them a sign that they should look for to find themselves in your house before an irate parent has the cause to come find them with the belt or in some archaic cases a broom stick?

I am sure many of you readers are familiar with the warning, you had better not let the sunset and you’re not home or don’t let that lamp post light reach inside before you do! These are just a few of the signals children would have to look for to ensure that they aren’t embarrassed by their mother while they are out with friends. Sadly, with what we witnessed on Monday 22nd February, 2016, it would appear that the children may now have the upper hand on the parents. Where is the control?

If you’re a parent and you’re not familiar with what a curfew is call a few of your children’s friends’ parents and find out when they expect their children home. If you can’t find one parent to give you a reasonable time frame then might I suggest you allow yourself to find some new friends, a few of those who can help you understand the word responsibility. Now we expect that some children will make it home a little after the time and that is expected because when children are at play they might lose track of time, it has happened before, remember?! Might I suggest giving them a 10-minute grace period, and if they defy that, to set consequences — such as no going out at night for the rest of the month.

If it seems like your child is staying out late because the child is up to no good, or doesn’t feel happy at home, then you need to talk and figure out what might be going on. But being a parent comes with responsibilities and that night I saw a few children out after hours which tells me that we do have a few irresponsible parents who need to be checked!

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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