I’m dating this girl for 9 months and I really love her

Dear Helpline,

I’m dating this girl for 9 months and I really love her but I keep cheating on her. How can you help me?

Dear Anonymous,

When individuals genuinely love one another, they do all that they can to make the other happy and never hurt each other intentionally. Individuals can make mistakes, however when something is done repeatedly, it is no longer a mistake, but something you chose to do.

I can only surmise that there are some qualities that the individual lacks, you wished they possessed—is that the case? Another conclusion is that you do not want to depart from your ways, yet still want the individual all to yourself. Does this sound fair to you?

I’m guessing your partner is clueless, and doesn’t know about your infidelities. Do you honestly want to hurt someone you love like this? Keep in mind that even if she is oblivious to the situation, she will find out eventually. How would you feel if the same thing was done to you? We all have our weaknesses I know. However, I’m not sure if this is a weakness or if you’re just plain selfish. Keep in mind that things have a way of coming back to us.

Your partner may not be unfaithful; however, you may lose her, only to realize how selfish your actions were. You may meet someone else, only to discover that they too are up to no good. I honestly don’t think you are ready for a relationship as you are not able to commit or perhaps you do not love the individual the way you claim you do. You need to come clean and confess, and though you may think, “never!” trust me; things will be a lot worse if you keep it from her.

I do hope that you change your ways.

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