“In the real world this is like that”

Have you ever heard the saying “in the real world this is like that”? Does it grind your gears as it does mine? I mean come on, why do some people have to impress upon others their travel history or their exposure to international habits and cultures? Should we care about what happens in their real world? We are living in this world, Saint Lucia where believe it or not we have the most sheltered and happiest lifestyle available to citizens of this ball of water and air that took a week to master.

Folks often say the grass is not always greener on the other side and after listening to family and friends complain about the hardships that they are faced with on a daily basis, I have become a little bit more appreciative of the mild adversities that we face in fair Helen. The funniest thing about our so called problematic island is most difficulties are either inherited by our lack of enthusiasm to learn what is true and what is false (if they say times hard then we say times hard).

I have seen many young people fall into that very trap. Facebook teaches you a lot about an individual and whether you claim that you don’t want to be judged by what you post, it is going to happen since it reflects a part of your thinking. Many of us tend to be followers of the pack instead of leaders. Our reactive nature is most repugnant at the highest levels of command. We often wait for things to be done and then don’t even bother to fact check the information we received.

But enough digressing here! Back to our original discourse. My main aim for this weekend’s Slouch from the Couch, was to talk about my experience with the “real world”, a place where believe it or not computers have already taken the jobs of humans, the place where it is really all man for himself, and a place where your only friend is really you! Sounds rather lonely I know, but it really does exist and the sooner we get ready for it the better!

I got the shock of my life earlier this week and as I write this Slouch I am still going through the trauma. Tell me how you would feel if you had a fault with your mobile phone and had to speak to a customer care representative and your rep was a computer, someone you couldn’t communicate with freely and your answers were dictated to you. Then after spending the majority of your day reasoning with the said computer you are put on hold for, get this, ONE HOUR!

That’s that real world life ya’ll and in the words of Kevin Hart, “I wasn’t ready!”

Take care ya’ll and God bless.


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