Jared Breaks the Glass


It is hard to get recognition as a rapper in an industry where other genres, soca for instance, so easily dominate. It, arguably, is even more of a task for a gospel rap artiste, especially one who has not attained the celebrity status just yet.

When questioned on the above, he responded, “Getting my music out there might be a struggle at times, but I will always try my best to produce something that is classic; something that is top of the line—with a good team behind me, I know I can,” he said, adding that he trusts in God to handle the situation.

Those are the words of 25-year-old Peter Augustin, who goes by the name “Jared” on stage.

Surprisingly enough, it’s not his middle name, but one he adopted: “I actually prayed about it,” he explained.

Newcomer and protégé of Jackie Weeks, Jared recently released his first single, “Break the Glass”—“You’ve been searching through the window, He’s calling, would you answer?” he sings on a catchy bridge.

“The song was inspired by the Holy Spirit; I see a lot of things happening in society so I felt like I should write a song about some of the issues we face as human beings, myself included,” he said. “We all have bad habits, even Christians too and in order to overcome those habits, or the cycle of those habits that keeps us in bondage, we should allow Jesus to work inside of us,” the singer added providing further insight.

He first performed the single at church, (La Feuille Pentecostal Church), where church members listened intently.

“I got good feedback from the audience that were there at the time and I knew that this would be a very good start for me and this could reach places; people really responded to it,” a smiling Jared said.

For the last five years, he’s been testing out various sounds and working on his material. Now, everything is falling into place.

He recently released his video for the Danyl Daniel produced single. The video which was filmed at various locations, and was produced by Ernell Sexius of Ez Productionz, depicts various situations (including temptation), individuals’ battle in everyday life, and shows the individuals eventually conquering those battles.

The singer-songwriter is aspiring to reach others through his music and videos—that much is patent.

“I want to make people think of theconsequences of their actions. I don’twant to preach; reprimand or judge them, because I toohave my own struggles. I just want to share a message with people, hoping it will be effective,” he said.

A teacher at the St. Aloysius R.C Boys School and resident of Gros Islet, the artiste loves what he does. Immensely.

“It’s a great feeling—it’s different. It’s a good feeling to give people a different perspective on life and I’m just hoping that they respond to it,” the singer said.

Look at world, Jared’s here to break the glass!

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