Meet our Cover girl: Shania Glasgow

Image of Shania Glasgow

Shania Glasgow

We met Shania a few months ago; a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile who dreams of becoming a famous model—she wants this more than anything in the whole world. Now that you’ve seen her, get to know the girl in the red dress, because one day her face will be plastered all over billboards; she’ll probably be featured in a Pantene commercial too!

YO! Tell us a bit about yourself.

S.G: My name is Shania Glasgow and I was born and raised in the town of Gros Islet. I am sixteen years old and attend the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School. In my spare time at home, I love to read; anybook that is. I also love track and field and dancing.

YO! How long have you been modelling?

S.G: I have been modelling for four to five years now. I started at the age of 12 and that was when Michelle Alcee saw my potential and enrolled me in C Definition Fashion Agency.

YO! You’ve participated in a number of shows. Can you mention a few?

S.G: I have participated in shows like BayFest, Assou Square, Independence Fashion Show, Gros Islet Day (Fashion show),etcetera.

YO! When did you realize that this was something you wanted to pursue?

S.G: When I started modelling for C Definition on the sidewalks,people used to say that I was the best in the girls (lol) and that I have great potential; also, after receiving praise from the great Richard Young.

YO! How would you describe your modelling experience so far?

S.G: As a young model, who is growing in the industry,I find it is not an easy industry. There is jealousy and people try to bring you down; I take modelling very seriously and listen to those who are already in the industry.

YO!  Was it difficult to break into the industry?

S.G: Yes it was. Any female would think taking pictures automatically classifies you as a model, but really it takes more than that to become a model.In Saint Lucia, models are not paid as well as others in metropolitan countries. I find this is a big issue down here.

YO! Are you signed to an agency at the moment?

S.G: I am not signed to an agency currently; the last agency I was in was AMMA however.

YO! What are your biggest aspirations?

S.G: My biggest aspiration is to model in Paris; to represent my country,so that young people can look up to me. I want to study cosmetology as well, as Iam skilled at make-up application.

YO! Often we hear individuals say that “everyone wants to be a model”. What do you have to say about that—how would you sell yourself?

S.G: I think everyone needs a chance in life but really and truly individuals think that taking pictures and being in heels is so easy—I’ve seen a lot of individuals who call themselves ‘models’ on social media—if only they knew. I think that I have a lot of potential and experience and I am growing more in the industry.

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