Reasons Why I Love You

I love you for the unique person you were made to be,
So special and kind you are to me
I love you because you bring exceptional meaning to my life,
Remarkable qualities you see in me as a wife
I love you for the laughter you bring when there is pain,
Comfort and happiness I gain,
I love you for the wonderful memories that you give to treasure,
To it there is no measure;
I love you because you showed me the pathway to love,
Indeed you were sent from heaven above
I love you for the way you never doubt me,
Believing in me and what I can be
I love you for kissing and wiping away my tears,
For love and kindness you show,
Because the pain is too much to bear,
I love you for you are my best friend and lover,
For sure you’re like no other
I love you for being the key to my heart and soul’s happiness,
True love is the gift for you that I possess.

By: Narsha Brown

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