I search my heart
Looking for the right words,
To express how I feel
Because words,
No matter how big or small are powerful.
Used in the right context,
Words can break the heart,
Mend the heart,
Destroy a soul so that it feels useless, inadequate.
And so I ponder,
Because I don’t want to mislead in any way.
I want my message to be perfectly clear.
And so I sit
And begin auditions
Speaking and writing,
Looking for the hidden meanings in the words,
Until it sounds perfect to me
But will it be perfect for you?
And so I look at you in my mind’s eye,
How you speak and write.
And I begin auditions again
But it is now easier
Because I now have the concept
So I speak and write
Until I deem it perfect for you
My message is clear.

By: Aleah Charlemagne

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