Stay put! Beware!
Hear my cry Oh Lord!
Attend unto my prayer.
HE says: Ask! And you shall receive;
Seek! And you will find.
What about me… What about us…
What about my concerns?
What about my cares?
Knock! And the door will be opened unto you;
That’s what He says.
But what if I stumble… What if I fall…
What if I lose my steps and I make fools of us all?
I am the Lord your God… Anything is possible!!!
This morning, as I knelt down to pray to my heavenly Father,
I asked,
“Lord, why do I have to go through these tribulations?
Why can’t I live in peace and happiness like before?”
The Lord answered,
“My child beware of My coming;
The trials you encounter,
Are to strengthen you in faith,
To prepare you for my coming.”
Stay put! Beware! Be safe! Be true!
Now go and tell someone
What I just told you!!!!

By: Naomi Joseph

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