Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Keran Rosemond

Image of Keran Rosemond

Keran Rosemond

In the span of a year, he built his brand, ‘Ali Rose Coconut Oil’, and proved yet again that once one is determined, they, without a doubt, will emerge victorious. Keran Rosemond recently accepted the award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Business Awards; a shared title.

But this was no easy victory. Before attempting to start a company of his own, the 23-year-old Ciceron resident went through a string of jobs; at one point, was unemployed, which understandably was rather frustrating.

A determined Keran then set out on a journey to get his mother’s homemade pepper sauce on shelves, but that proved to be a complex, tiring process. Although disappointed, he remained persistent. Coming from a skilled family, he knew it was just the beginning; Keran contacted the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards to find out how he could get ‘Ali Rose’ on shelves and took things from there.

His efforts paid off. Standing on the stage, on the night of the Business Awards, the young entrepreneur beamed, grateful that he had come this far. But he plans on accomplishing a lot more; he’s not getting comfortable.

“During my childhood, I was always trying to do new things.  My friends told me I had to figure out what I wanted and had to stop juggling so many ideas; I needed to focus.After I left school, I realized God had more plans for me,” he told us in an interview.

His mother, (Sylvia Alice Rosemond), who works tirelessly, inspires him, and Keran in an act of love and admiration, named his product ‘Ali Rose’ after her.

He works with a small team, and the coconut magic takes place in his very own community. A community who he says is extremely supportive of him.

“I’m feeling so appreciated in my community because every single person right now is telling me that my coconut oil has been doing so much for their food, their skin and their babies,” he said.

‘Ali Rose’ has provided him with a number of opportunities, including meeting various dignitaries.

His love for coconuts is evident and he promises that there is so much more in store: “coconut milk, flour, jelly, biscuits—everything!”

“Like Baron Foods, I want to export to the whole world. Baron is one of my motivators because of his humble beginnings. He really struggled and from what I was told he tried everything to get his product out there,” he added.

Keran’s items are available at leading businessesisland-wide including Super J, Glace Supermarket, La Place Carenage, Pointe Seraphine and a number of hotels, gift shops and spas.

At 23, he’s doing pretty well for himself.

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