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Mandisa Morrison

After hearing her story personally, or reading about it, you’ll understand why she is successful today; why she not only scored her first time nomination at this year’s Business Awards, but was the recipient of an enviable Crystal award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Mandisa Morrison, 31, is the owner of a successful shoe repair company, “Shoe Rehab”, a business which came to life in June of 2013. The initial stages were arduous—hard work and unbreakable faith saw her through.

She recalled her journey, giving great detail. “It was a long process. I started this business with no savings. I was broke. I invested everything I had into the business,” she said.

Mandisa was doggedly determined to make her business a success. And so she started. She spent months doing research, handing out surveys to countless individuals. She sat alongside cobblers near the roadside making observations, learning all she could about the business. She loved it.

“Receiving the award was a strange feeling,” she said speaking of the defining night. “People sometimes assume it came easily, but they don’t know how much hustling, hard work, sacrifice, and failure (still going through failures because it’s a learning process), you had to go through. For me, it’s encouraging,” she added.

Surprisingly, her business idea was somewhat a spur of the moment. Opening a shoe repair idea was never something she aspired to do, however, when the idea came, she ran with it.

However she says, she always loved the idea of assembling things, loves a gorgeous pair of shoes, and that too played a role in building her modern day repair shop.She added that she has also had countless mishaps with shoes and wanted to assist others who experienced the same thing.

Situated in the north of the island, (J.Q Mall and now Gablewoods Mall), ‘Shoe Rehab’ specializes in a variety of services which includes heel replacements, sole replacement, sole tagging, shoe sewing, shoe cleaning, shoe stretching and custom designs.

“What makes us stand out I would say is our attention to detail as well as some of the unique services we offer,” the mother of one said.

She also has a background in marketing, which played a pivotal role in the success of her business.

Currently, she’s working on a website to develop her brand.

With a talented team of five, Mandisa is unstoppable.

“At this present time I’m enjoying building this (Shoe Rehab), like nobody’s business.Coming from a marketing background where I would go out and sell other people’s ideas and see how to make them work and now being blessed enough to do that for myself—it feels great,” she said enthusiastically.

She’s a busy gal though.

“Between having a business and having a daughter I guess my pastime is watching Disney Channel or going out for pizza and ice cream with my daughter—that kind of stuff.”

Location: J.Q and Gablewoods Mall

Facebook: The Shoe Rehab

Instagram: the shoe rehab_758

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