An act of kindness and forgiveness goes a long way

Rae Anthony

Dear Diary,

An act of kindness and forgiveness goes a long way. You’ve heard that before, certainly. I’m sure you also know all too well that sometimes, individuals have fall outs over the most trivial things.

Sometimes meaningful relationships are lost all because we are too stubborn, too proud and sometimes, we just let our assumptions get the best of us.

Been there?

Just recently I found myself in an awkward position when an individual whom I have a good relationship with, brushed me off. Or so I thought. After that happened, I had a gnawing feeling in the back of my mind as I could not figure out what went wrong.

I was certain I hadn’t done anything. But here’s where I went wrong. Because I assumed the individual stopped speaking to me for no reason whatsoever, I too reciprocated the action. In situations of this kind, our childish ways, most times, rear its ugly head.

Despite my façade, it really bothered me that things had changed so quickly. In a discussion with my significant other, after a few assumptions, I concluded that perhaps that day, the individual was somewhat distant and hadn’t heard my greeting.

These things happen after all. I should know that.

Although I believed that was the case, I knew I would not question the individual about the situation; I’m stubborn at times.

What really took me by surprise is when the individual approached me, clearly puzzled and questioned me about whether she had done me wrong.

I was truly touched and I knew right then and there that if something like this were to happen again, especially something so trivial, I would not let my stubborn ways get the best of me.

Turns out I had guessed correctly—she never even realized that I had called her that day!After all, why would someone you have a good relationship disregard you for no reason?

I know that there are many individuals like myself, hence I decided to share this. Sometimes we let our emotions cloud our judgment and that affects the way we think.

What really touched me was her genuine concern as she reached out to hug me. A hug I never saw coming.

Little gestures like that sometimes cause us to change for the better. There was newfound admiration as I could not even find it within myself to approach her, yet still, despite my cold front, she questioned me about the matter.

She showed a sense of maturity where I could not.

We sometimes squabble, only to be filled with regret at times and realize how silly we can be.

I truly learnt from that experience. I do hope others can avoid situations of this kind. Sometimes we wait for individuals to approach us but there’s no harm in stepping forward as well.

Some deem it ‘sucking up’ but truth is, it’s really maturity. (I’m saying this sheepishly).

Have a good weekend all.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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