Another report of a young person dying as result of suicide

Scady P

Another report of a young person dying as result of suicide has rocked our nation again. This time it was not a young man who would fan the flames of self-death due to infidelity, stress, or job loss, the sad news bore a fresh gender to fray, one up until now had seemed immune to a ghastly act.

A young woman’s photo began circulating on social media yesterday and immediately statuses offering condolences from workmates, former schoolmates and friends flooded timelines. The comments left by all of those who were directly and indirectly affected by the latest tragedy resonated in my mind that a priest had recently preached at my Aunt’s funeral that same day.

The Gros Islet Parish priest had told all gathered that we shouldn’t wait until one had passed away to feel the need to inform them of how important or special their presence had been.  I couldn’t agree more and at that moment my mind shifted from the Arsenal match that had started a few moments ago (no the phone wasn’t on in the church).

The priest had succeeded in getting my full attention. He had successfully breeched my one defense to stop me from thinking this would be the last time I would see the body of my mother’s best-friend, a friendship that started when they were 16 years old. Reminding the congregation that we shouldn’t allow each other to go to bed with contempt for one another seemed to have moved more than just mountains as for the first time at a Catholic funeral I heard approvals of “Amen” from certain parts of the church.

These are some of the words I’d love to leave with you this weekend. Young people life is way to short and unpredictable for us to be fighting each other and holding grudges. Yes, it is true that not everyone will get along and I am not asking you to, but I am asking that you try your utmost to show some love and compassion for even your heaviest critic. Don’t wait for the person to die and then you are hurting because you didn’t get to say more to that person. Sometimes all it takes is saying I love you to ensure someone’s day is made.

Go ahead and be that bright spark for someone today because you may never know how important that gesture might alter one’s thinking for the better.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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