The Fabulous 15: Carnival Queen Auditions

It’s the crème de la crème—even after all these years, it still has maintained that certain appeal. After all, it’s the National Carnival Queen Pageant, a name, which holds so much prestige.

Auditions for this year’s show took place on Sunday March 13, at the National Cultural Centre. 15 beauties deemed “The Fabulous 15”, attempted to charm the audience and more importantly the judges, with hopes of becoming a “favourite”.

The girls appeared in four segments, namely, swimwear, talent, evening wear and interview, arguably the most anticipated segment. They were stunning. But of course, they couldn’t bank on looks alone. There were blunders and there were stunners. All we can do is wait for the grand revelation—who will make the cut? Loving the preview? Let us know!

The Fabulous 15: Raquel Mason, Kaysia Verneuil, Raquel John, Kacy Poleon, Shartoya Tn. Baptiste, Lucia Poleon, Typer Theophane, Tara Gonzague, Chrysla Jalim, Dianna Willians, Abigail Bill, Anna Kim Williams, Marissa Ferdinand, Shanic Hippolyte, Kurtizia Preville.

Please note that names are not in respective order.

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