Intersec: The Last Lap

The glory days, we remember them so vividly: entering that stadium that was seemingly waiting for us, releasing our cares in that very moment, chanting like our lives depended on it—the passion, the immense gratification, the anger—all for the love of sport.

Those days are long gone, but luckily, we get to re-live those defining moments and last week Friday, March 11, at Inter-Secondary School Sports, (Intersec for short), we saw it all again: that same passion we experienced. And we can say with certainty that sports, usually, bring out the best in us.

We entered a packed Beausejour Stadium; the sight took our breath away: schools from across the island came out in large numbers to show support for their beloved athletes; their energy was contagious.

Ecstatic screams, passionate chants and victory leaps, again, reminded individuals of the importance of sports.

The display of sportsmanship did not go unnoticed: the back pats, smiles and hugs exchanged by athletes were special moments that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

The races were endless and some were seemingly never ending, causing others to comment on just how much strength and determination it required. For some, it was nothing: heart and soul carried them through. For others, it was more of a challenge, however, despite the arduous journey, they finished with their heads held high, despite taking last place, knowing they had done what any real athlete would do.

The weather, initially, was favourable, however, the sun was harsh; athletes panted under the sun, some, cooling their bodies off with water along the way. And some simply gave in after the race, crashing on the ground after such exertion.

The rain came in later on, bringing activities to a halt, as it poured incessantly for a while. Students and teachers ran for shelter and spirits were dampened; activities resumed after the rain had stopped, however by that time, the stadium for the most part, was cleared.

That did not affect the atmosphere however. The few who remained maintained the energy, cheering the athletes on in the various races.

Night came quickly indicating that things would soon come to an end. It had been a long day.

For the athletes, the day was everything. They came and though some took a few losses, they conquered. And some had medals to show for it.

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