Life (Suicide)

When I wrote the Slouch last weekend, I didn’t expect to receive the message we got in our inbox with regard to the subject. My focal point last weekend was on the topic, suicide. Yes, the story that had now taken over the news and has created more than a buzz on social media. I wasn’t questioning why so many people had resorted to that final, dark, choice as a solution to their problems, rather I was more interested in how we can help someone rethink the plan to end their life.

Unbeknown to me someone would pick up that very magazine and what they read would have a life changing effect. As has been the norm ever since YO! hit the newsstands years ago, letters, poems and emails flooded our inbox, but one message stood out. Here was a reader who was contemplating death. In fact the individual was already past the stages of contemplation and was on their way to carry out the act when they picked up a YO! Magazine that someone had probably left behind.

As the reader perused the magazine a poem invoked an intervention, the words were telling, compelling the reader to look a lot deeper into their heart and question the decision that was already made. As I read through the poem I was filled with contentment that someone via his own words had become someone’s keeper. I leave you this weekend with a shorter version of my Slouch from the Couch, but in its place the poem that saved someone’s life.

Have a great and safe weekend ya’ll and God bless.



Life (Suicide)

Have you had cold showers of pain?

My friend, you’ve stood in my rain,

Deathly feeling of loneliness.

No need to feel ashamed,

I’ve been there before,

Not wanting to feel anymore.

Your heart’s been broken in half

Mind still living in the past

Cold dark thoughts of suicide

Why don’t I do it tonight?

Don’t worry, it will go away,

Learn to live another day.

Put it in the back of your mind,

Let it rest and you will be fine

Dark clouds begin to part,

New love will mend your broken heart.

Thoughts of suicide disappear

Self- esteem will reappear.

One day you’ll be able to say…..

My friend you’ve stood in my rain….

When a family member commits suicide,

The entire family is plunged into confusion and grief.

Life is a blessing;

Even a blade of grass or flower fights for the privilege of life.

When someone voluntarily ends their life,

Your entire value system is thrown into question.

Family and friends may also be consumed with guilt,

Thinking that they somehow,

Should have seen the signs that led to the individual’s suicide.

Life is precious, cherish it.

regardless of who you are, what you think of yourself,

Or what you’ve heard.

There is someone out there who loves, cherishes and cares about you;

Someone’s life you will make a big change for the best,

No matter how hard or unbearable life may seem,

It will get better.

Suicide is not the way…..Living life is.

By: Rednaxela