Meet the Author: Perlina Murray

Perlina Murray

Perlina Murray

We featured Perlina Murray a while aback and were easily impressed by her writing skills. Perlina’s back—nowhere near oblivion, with a page turner: “Stella’s Back in Town”.

Below, Perlina tells us about her latest piece of work.

The Literary Work, “Stella’s Back in Town,” now officially published by “Strategic Book Publishing & Rights;” was thought about since 2005. I always wanted to write a book and with the influences of my history classes and the study of race, the idea of writing about an inter-racial relationship weaved its way in my mind and it not only became a thought but manifested itself through my brilliance into a book, after a few months of what I call imagination and creativity as well as enthusiasm; showing that we are all one people black or white.

During the process of writing this work, Barack Obama became President of the United States of America, once again giving more value to this work as depicted in its pages, entitled, “A Historic Moment,” which is the title of one of the chapters. This motivated me to be more confident that the work was a great addition to the reading world and made me more persistent to write, no matter what critics said. With the help of my editor, the late Jacques Compton, I was able to get the insight and wisdom need to pen words that would keep readers glued to the pages of this work now available on Amazon and Barns & Noble; soon, it will also be available on kindle and other sites.

My love for literary arts grew from the time I entered the Vide Boutielle Secondary School. It was there that I began to be more fluent in reading because it was necessary for literature. That and the influence of history through the teachings of my former history teacher, Mr. Vincent Larcher, who always inspired us with the Latin words, “Ad Astra Per Aspera”, meaning Through hardships to the stars”.


The completion of the book has inspired me to write another book now in progress. Hopefully before this month ends I hope to send my poetry manuscript to Novum publishers. I was nominated for the outstanding youth in literary arts award in Saint Lucia in 2012 before I left for the United States for school which is where I now reside; I hope I will get the support for sales in my book from many Saint Lucians.

About the Book

A remarkable couple with different complexions is featured in this interracial romance novel. Their amazing relationship comes together in an unexpected and surprising way, and blooms until one partner leaves town because of the negative reaction of their parents.

Stella is smart, sexy, and gorgeous. She is also black and finds love in the eyes of a white man. Brandon has claimed her heart, but Stella’s mother believes that black people should only associate with their own race. Brandon’s parents also don’t approve of their engagement.

Brokenhearted, Stella leaves home because Brandon’s parents secretly pay her off. But watch what happens when Stella’s Back in Town!

This dramatic, fascinating, and entertaining tale proves love and fate are powerful, irresistible forces.

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