Unemployed? Opportunity Awaits!

Unemployed? Opportunity Awaits!

Often, we’ve been told to seize every golden opportunity. And when opportunity presents itself in the most beautiful form, how can we not?

If you’re unemployed and between the ages of 17-35, look no further because this is a chance to enhance a dusty résumé, courtesy of CARCIP: Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Programme, a project initiated by the Government of Saint Lucia along with Grenada and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

An ICT (Information Communications Technology) project, CARSIP provides young individuals with endless opportunities.

“There are various components,” Business Incubator and Training Grants Manager of the organization, Cindy Peterson Alfred, shared in an interview with YO!

She continued, “Component one deals with broadband. It deals with the infrastructure—to enable ICT. Component two, ICT Led Innovation, has a sub-component called Business Incubator. It provides financial support to small to medium sized enterprises that want to get involved in an ICT related project or an ICT enabled business.”

This is where it gets even more interesting, and possibly where you most likely fit in. CARCIP also has a Training Grants Facility; the organization is offering free ICT training to unemployed youth between the ages of 17-35.

Although there is an eligibility requirement of three passing CSEC (Caribbean Examinations Council) grades, the organization tries their best to include everyone.

Currently, there are eight trainers who provide trainees with hands on training in various areas including multimedia production, animation, computer graphics, database management and introduction to ICT amongst others.

After they have completed the training process successfully, trainees will enter a programme where they embark on technical training in an ICT area of their choice.

“Thereafter, trainees will work on their certification, once they’ve completed their technical training. We then put them through a 30 hour soft skills training process just to prepare them for the world of work or just to brush up on their life skills and to make sure that they are more employable,” Miss Alfred added.

There is also a possibility for on the job training.

“The beauty about our programme and the difference is that you do not just do some training and leave with a certificate of participation; you’re awarded an internationally or regionally accepted certification,” she said.

So far, CARCIP has been a great success according to the Business Incubator and Training Grants Manager.

“People are excited; participation has been wonderful. We have 540 persons who have applied. Right now we have a total of 350 in classes and we have 60 to commence; response has been awesome,” she said.

For information contact:

National ICT Office: 468 1418

Website: www.carcip.govt.lc

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: CARCIP SLU