I want to get a piercing but my parents won’t allow me to get one

Dear Helpline,
I want to get a piercing but my parents won’t allow me to get one. I’m 16 and I think it’s unfair. My friends told me to get one anyway because my parents will make a big deal when I get it but will quickly forget about it. I’m torn. Should I take my friends advice?

Dear Anonymous,
Whilst I understand you feel that you are old enough to get a piercing, you need to understand that you are not an adult asyet and some things will just have to wait. Perhaps your parents have forbidden you to do sobecause of their religious views, location of the piercing, or believe you are not old enough as yet. It is tough, I know,especially when you are getting older, and parents place certain restrictions. However, you will get older soon enough. Of course, growth should not be an excuse to dabble into every, and anything; you need to be wise.
Should you take your friends’ advice? I am sure you already know the answer to this question; it is wrong. Consider this: has there ever been a time when youasked an individual to refrain from doing something, yet still they went against your wishes? I am sure you were upset. Now, consider how your parents will feel when they clearly stated that you should not get a piercing but yet still you got one and blatantly disrespected them by doing so. Furthermore, if you go against your parents’ wishes, you most likely will be deprived of certain things; things you love.I’m sure you don’t want that.

You also need to be mindful of the company you keep. Careless advice from your social circle can get you into unwanted situations with your parents and place you in a lot more trouble.
Will the world truly stop if you don’t get a piercing? Though it may feel like it, I assure you it won’t and pretty soon, you’ll forget about that piercing too. After all, why waste your time thinking about something you can’t have? It’s better to move on.

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