Procrastination is the thief of time,
He plunders while the clocks chime,
What he steals no one can regain,
Like Cain’s humanity when Abel was slain.

His twin, laziness is the killer of progress,
He causes his followers to regress,
They are imprisoned in a slothful state,
Failure is all they create.

Hate is the arsonist of one’s soul;
He ignites others in a rage,
Often going on a rampage,
Devouring everything whole.

Jealousy is the vandal of one’s character,
He desecrates the morals of others,
Even turning them against their own brothers,
To him, it does not matter.

Greed is the glutton of life,
He fills it with strife,
His wants can never be satisfied,
No matter how often one has tried.

Pride is the deceiver of men,
He blurs their vision so that it becomes jaded;
They fail to see a downfall,
Which could have easily been evaded.
With an over inflated ego, they enter the lion’s den.

Fear imprisons one’s bravery,
He holds them in bondage akin to slavery
He corrodes the will,
Like acid dissolving steel

By: Marlan J.Leon