If I had a dollar for the number of times I have heard the Champion song

If I had a dollar for the number of times I have heard the Champion song play, I think I may have enough money to take a nice long trip to India where we first saw the Champion dance as demonstrated by Sammy and Bravo. Nonetheless, I still sing along and on occasions thrust my arms inside and out as I sing many names that I thought to be champions, mine included.

The nation has been having a wave of bad news lately, and some good citizens might be duty-bound to forget the first half of 2016 and with good reason. I remember just a year ago we had set a record in the number of homicides recorded for the first three months (zero); sadly we weren’t to beat the mark and to be honest a little good news was long overdue.

Sammy, Charles and the entire West Indies Cricket team may never fully grasp how big of a deal their victory is to the wider Caribbean. The relationships that were saved, friendships made and most importantly pride restored. I had seen such solidarity once before, the first time that trophy had made it to the Caribbean for the first time.

This time around, it meant so much more to the populace especially the youth. To go with a nice shiny trophy we had a booming anthem that reminded everyone, even though their names weren’t mentioned in the verses that they were all champions. Bravo may have been doing something for fun or to uplift the spirits of a broken dressing room, but he achieved far more than many realize.

That big tune is single handedly doing something many people attempt on a daily basis and that is to raise one’s self-esteem. Believing you can achieve greatness first starts with you telling yourself you can do it no matter what. Singing a song that refers to you as a champion over and over again won’t only make you tap your feet and nod your head, it will also encourage you to meet the goals necessary to ensure that you are indeed a champion.

Our two champions embarked on a school’s tour and I can guarantee that the children they interacted with are now writing their paths to be great champions like they.

I want to wish everyone a safe weekend and challenge yourself to be a better champion.

Take care ya’ll and God bless.


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