Imagine one day you are with your friends liming

Scady PImagine one day you are with your friends liming without a care in the world, then in the blinking of an eye life is snapped away from you. That friend you have who was the life of the party has departed and you weren’t even given the time to say goodbye or express how much that person meant to you.

This can resonate with almost everyone reading the Slouch from the Couch this weekend as many of us often take for granted some of life’s simplest pleasures, only to realize how much we miss them when they are gone. One of my favouriteSoca songs from Trinidad for this year’s carnival is Voice’s “Cheers to Life”. It is an anthem for persons who are happy to be alive and able to complete tasks that have been set before them. But, how many of us actually give thanks for that ability.

We wake up every day and forget to say a simple thank you for the breath of fresh air and the food on our table, no matter how small. I won’t act like I haven’t had a few slip-ups with giving thanks, but like Kerwin Dubois when I remember, I immediately “Give Thanks”. It is something that can change your entire day and most times you may not even realize it.

Getting in the habit of saying thank you will undoubtedly make you a more pleasant person and there is no one in the world who wouldn’t rather be around a pleasant individual as opposed to an ill-mannered one. The mood of a room can be lifted or flattened by the attitude of an individual. That is why I would always implore young people to get into the habit of being courteous at all times. a page that is known for offering astrological advice, gave us a few of their young readers’ opinions on why persons should be courteous, check it out.  Courtesy will make your relationships better, says Kelsey, 9: “That is how people will start liking you. Being kind and loving to people is how you really make your friends.” One of the best reasons to be always courteous is “because of the Golden Rule,” says Meredith, 11: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Guys and girls this is me signing off for now.

Have a great weekend and God bless.

Scady. P

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