Insaniti: Insanely Sexy

Insaniti has wowed the masses. From the bold colours, to the sexy and daring cuts—Insaniti is all you want and more.

It’s their second time on the carnival scene, but presumably, it would be a hard guessing game for anyone who knows little about the band’s history.

The band which launched last week Saturday in Rodney Bay introduced their theme for 2016; Anthro.

“We’re going back to what makes humans, humans,” Giselle ‘D’ Wassi One’Blanche, host of the event and Insaniti section leader said speaking on the theme in an interview with YO!

The host who is well known in carnival circles and is “the god-daughter of two legends in the calypso art form, Baron and Superblue” (via, came all the way from Miami to be part of the team.

“Each and every section depicts something different about our history; why we came about, what we do and how we operate—we’re showing everything that the human has evolved into,”Giselle said.

Arguably, it can be difficult for a new band to make such a bold statement, however, Insaniti has proved otherwise. They too, are a big deal.

This year, the band is making carnival come alive with sections, Human, Psyche, Persona, Discovery and Insaniti, and from the looks of it, carnival will be insanely sexy with Insaniti Carnival Band.

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