Kiss of Death

A life of bliss now a pile of ash,

The sweetest dream now turned sour,

I saw your face in a flash of light,

But now my sight turns darker.

Angel of my life now turned demon in disguise,

With every kiss I silently weep,

With every stare my insecurities flare.

What was I?

Your love?

Your life?

Or a matter?

The truth stuck out like a dagger,

Protruding through my chest,

Still you continue to lie.

You really were the apple of my eye,

The pillar by my side.

Knife at my throat,

But you shot me straight through the heart.

I’m angry, heartbroken and dying,

But I’m free from your lying.

Shot me down and left me for dead,

You blessed me with your kiss of death.

Now heartless and cold,

I’m searching for you my prey,

And deep down I know,

I will get my revenge someday.

Slowing running out of breath,

I shall grant you your impending death,

And finally be free of all regrets.

By: Zhane’ Springer & Gregory “Junior” Calixte

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