We have a nation of young people who are never, ever, satisfied


Throughout the past couple of weeks I have learnt something about us that can be frightening for our future depending on who is reading. We have a nation of young people who are never, ever, satisfied with an achievement or when accolades are bestowed on another individual. Case in point, the recent announcement that the Beausejour Cricket Ground has been renamed the Darren Sammy National Cricket Ground. Also a very lucky Johnson Charles who learned that he would be given a plot of land, will have a stand in the stadium named after him.

Of course the critics would not be pleased and many questioned the timing and legitimacy of the honour. Persons offered opinions of million dollar statues as opposed to a stand being renamed. But folks the reality is this, good work will get rewarded every time. Yes, Darren became the first Saint Lucian to be declared Captain but let’s not forget the work had only just begun.

It is a tremendous honour to be the one to lead your team on and off the field, and that is a quality Sammy has shown he possesses time and time again. Another quality he has demonstrated is not being too hasty for the plunders that come with stardom.He is an individual who understands that everything comes with hard work and dedication. Nothing will come before its time and the more work one puts in, the greater the benefits are at the end of the task.

Johnson Charles is another individual whom we have seen being patient for his time and boy, has he taken every opportunity presented to him. Let’s not forget that without his knock in the semifinals, we would not be doing that Champion dance that has infected us since Bravo and Sammy danced to it after defeating India. There is no doubt that the best is yet to come from Johnson Charles, and the beautiful thing is all of the experience he has gained prior will only make him better as a person and a world class cricketer.

Young people, we can learn a lot from the two local heroes Darren Sammy and Johnson Charles. Let’s be satisfied with what we are blessed with now and work harder for what you want in the future.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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