A New Way to Rave

Years ago, B.Y,(before YO), Saint Lucians would gather on the beach and participate in some competitive and fun water sports.  Aqua Action is what the activity was coined and as it grew so did the activities. Persons would try for hours to catch a wild greasy pig or climb a pole heavily oiled in an attempt to win the prize that awaited them at the top.

Fast forward to the year of hover boards and drones, the event has been revamped with a fresh new perspective. Aqua Méléintroduced water lovers to a new form of water sports with the help of the folks from Jetovator and Splash Water Park. Beach favourites like volleyball and a few impromptu football matches and paintball thrilled onlookers. The hope for a cricket-orama was raised and most likely organizers should be adding that sport next year.

As part of revamping the brand, the Aqua Rave concert was added and featured Trinidadian Soca superstar Kerwin Dubois as the headline act. The ‘No Apology’ hit maker belted out his most popular hits  much to the delight of the circle of fans who had gathered. The home team was well represented with a stellar cast of Saint Lucia’s best Soca stars (Ezra,  Shemmy J,  Nerdy, Sedale,  Arthur, Hollywood HP,  Ace,  Michael Robinson and guest appearance by Teddyson John complimented the Rave and were all backed by the Evolution band).

The Blazin deejays also held their own as they spun the hits that kept the mammoth crowd partying well after the live performances had ended.

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