No Love

I loved you with everything I had,
And things were good; for a while,
But then you started spraying insults,
And I continued to pretend it was fine.
You are the one that is hurting me,
Yet you try to get me to feel guilty for it,
You throw your support for me in my face,
Though from the beginning I never asked for it.
My tears continue to fall on deaf eyes,
While you continue to look at me with cold stares,
You went and had an affair on the side,
And then you told me that I was losing my mind.
I trusted you and opened up to you,
Broke all my rules and let you in,
You were the best person I could have,
Until you ripped out my heart and blamed me for it.
I truly never thought you would hurt me this way,
I never in my life would think you would say the things you said,
I really didn’t believe it would ever end up this way,
But here we both are with no love in the end.
You broke my heart and ripped it to shreds,
And you maliciously continued till there was nothing left,
I cried an ocean of tears while you stood there and smiled,
Your mouth denies the truth but your lies show within your eyes.

By: Zhane’Springer

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