When you pray for patience, more things will come your way


Dear Diary,

I remember hearing a sermon in my church a long time ago. I remember vaguely, the details of that sermon, however, some words that were said, I will never forget, as they resonate with me oh so well.

The pastor said, “When you pray for patience, more things will come your way; things to test your patience.” In that moment, I realized how much truth there is in that statement, for me at least.

I have always been an impatient individual, even as a child too. It’s nothing to be proud of as often, it has landed me in trouble and I wish that with the snap of a finger, my impatience would diminish.

But although I have been working on being patient, it is only recently that I realized just how much I need to work on change.

I had a disagreement with someone dear to me where something miniscule, turned into the opposite; the exchange of words was bitter—ugly.

Now here’s where my impatience and “foot in the mouth disease” got in the way. Although I had a point, the individual failed to see my point of view at the time and I in turn, got exasperated, trying desperately and impatiently to bring my point across.

I later realized that had I remained silent, those ugly words I uttered, would never have seen the light of day. Of course I had already known that sometimes it is just better to say nothing at all, but it was then I truly realized how much that is necessary sometimes to keep the peace, as I had said somethings I truly regretted.

I apologized days after. (Not the best thing to do either), but I was still upset. However, I realized that sometimes, despite how right we may be at the time, our right can turn into our wrong. I realized that though I had point, the way in which I approached the situation was entirely wrong.

Not to mention the wedge that was now between the individual and I, that had not been there before; that led to a sleepless night.

Thank God for forgiveness, that which I received in abundance; the individual too apologized, that I was very grateful for.

Sometimes we have to come undone for us to learn (the hard way I’ll add). However, there are things that can be avoided hence me sharing this message with you.

With that said, I wish you all a splendid weekend.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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