Ready for Rebellion?


Their first unveiling, a sneak peek to be precise, showed Red in all its glory. Though a mere taste of what’s to come, it was more than enough: the way the costume shimmered under the light—the soft colours and ‘warrior’ detail, the perfect blend for a rebellious nature.

This preview (Athens, backline), is sure to stir a frenzy.

Come April 9, revellers will be more than content, as this is the day the band’s official launch will be held.


“Our goal is, and has always been to redefine carnival with innovation and excitement and a focus on euphoric revellery. With each new theme, each new portrayal we push the envelope,” a Red representative said at their press launch held on March 17, at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort,where their first costume for 2016 was revealed.

“We remain fully committed to delivering the ultimate carnival experience. We remain true to being unapologetically lawless. This is an untamed movement shattering expectations and redeeming that which made us,” the band reminded an intrigued audience.


There you have it folks, Red Rebellion: The Rise of an Empire. Ready?

Mark your calendar, the day is nearing; get ready to witness a Red fury.


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